November 15 | 2016
Kooheji Jewellery

VANGUARD is delighted to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Kooheji Jewellery; one of the key family businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. For over 50 years Kooheji Jewellery has been fulfilling the need of its customers for the finest and most prestigious jewellery from around the world. VANGUARD is pleased to work with the partners and management of Kooheji Jewellery to provide Family Business Governance services. As part of this prestigious engagement, VANGUARD is endeavoring to assist Kooheji Jewellery in enhancing and adding to their existing internal corporate structure, policies and framework, ensuring success and business sustainability for family generations to come.

November 15 | 2016
Ahmed Sharif

We are proud to announce that we have added Ahmed Sharif Furniture to our client list. Established in 1979 and rooted in humble beginnings, Ahmed Sharif Company started off from a single furniture shop in Manama, to become one of the largest, longstanding and well known retail organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Operating with three branches throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ahmed Sharif Company’s network includes its 8,000 sqm main showroom located in Sehla that offers an impressive range of home and office furniture. VANGUARD has entered into an engagement with Ahmed Sharif Furniture to support the enhancement of the Company’s internal control mechanisms and prepare a framework for the systematic induction of third generation family members into the family business. After which detailed and personalized training and career progression plans are being crafted to implement the provided recommendations.

February 01 | 2016
VANGUARD is engaged with Reyam; a leading 35-year old Bahraini embroidery factory

VANGUARD is pleased to announce that it has recently engaged with Reyam; a Bahraini-based embroidery factory established in 1981. Taking into account the Company’s 35-years of experience in the embroidery field, the main objective of this engagement is to support the operations of Reyam and reposition it in the local and regional markets; ultimately focusing on business-to-business market. Commenting on this engagement, Mr. Alaa Al-Shaikh, VANGUARD’s Partner and Managing Director commented: “VANGUARD is honored to assist and guide SMEs in the Kingdom of Bahrain to step in their next phase of maturity. There are many SMEs in our region that have long successful track-records and great legacy but have not yet moved into the phase of corporate sustainability, our objective by working closely with them is to see these SMEs become systematized and strengthened in areas that would enable them to expand internationally”. As part of this engagement, VANGUARD will manage the operations, finance and business development while suggesting structured enhancement mechanisms to aid the growth of the Company.

February 01 | 2016
VANGUARD’s Engagement with Janahi Sweets

VANGUARD is pleased to announce that it has entered into an engagement with Janahi Sweets on the 1st of December 2015 to manage the operations and develop the Company’s Factory and Outlets by implementing a 3-years development strategy for Janahi Sweets. Under this engagement, VANGAURD will manage the day-to-day operations of Janahi Sweets and recommend improvement mechanism that will aid the development of the Factory and Outlets of Janahi Sweets. The overarching objective of the engagement is to capitalize on the over 25 years of heritage in Janahi Sweets to become a regionally well-recognized Bahraini sweets and confectionary brand.

November 29 | 2015
Tamkeen Schemes Impact Assessments

During 2015, VANGUARD entered into two major engagements with Tamkeen to assess two of its support schemes: The Career Guidance Scheme and the Startup Support Scheme.

Career Guidance Scheme

VANGUARD provided Tamkeen with a comprehensive impact assessment of the Career Guidance Scheme – which aimed at helping students and jobseekers carry out their career plans by providing them with the necessary knowledge – in order to outline the impact of the Scheme in enhancing the national career guidance for Bahrainis as well as provide recommendations to further enhance any potential future Programme.

Startup Support Scheme

VANGUARD provided Tamkeen with a comprehensive impact assessment of the Startup Support Scheme – which aimed at nurturing start-up businesses in the country – in order to outline the impact of the Scheme in enhancing the success prospects of Bahraini start-ups as well as provide recommendations to further enhance any potential future Programme.

November 29 | 2015

In September 2015 VANGUARD completed its work for the ICTSC (Information Communication Technology Specific Council for Vocational Training) in which it provided it with customized visual illustrations that outlined the different aspects of the ICT Training Sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through this agreement, VANGUARD provided ICTSC with an analysis for a wide set of data surrounding this sector, focusing specifically on the sector Bahranization; the levy utilization; traineersprofile mix; and the training coursescost dynamics.

ICTSC was established in 2005 as one of the specific councils governed by the High Council for Vocational Training by the
Ministry of Labour. The ICTSC seeks to provide vocational training and aid in rewarding employment opportunities for the national workforce.

November 29 | 2015
Supreme Council for Women (September 2015)

VANGUARD has recently engaged with the Supreme Council for Women to assess the impact of Riyadat Mall, the first facility in the region focused on investing in women entrepreneurs. Under this agreement, which was signed in September 2015, VANGUARD promises to conduct an impact assessment of Riyadat Mall to understand the features and overall benefits (tangible and intangible) of the Mall’s support for start-ups and achievements of its overall objectives. This impact assessment will ensure that the Supreme Council for Women, in collaboration with the Bahrain Development Bank, continues down the road of providing quality support for women entrepreneurs in the country, while also encouraging growth by recommending the best practices and proposed enhancement solutions.

November 28 | 2014
Launch of Tafani Saudi Arabia

VANGUARD Saudi Arabia, in conjunction with Saudi newspaper Al Eqtisadiyah and A3 Communications, launched a new joint Customer Service Rating Program entitled “Tafani”, that aims to evaluate services provided by private sector companies to their customer base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement for the program was officially signed between all parties and launched on November 28, 2014. The agreement was signedbetween Editor-in-Chief of Al Eqtisadiyah, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Mansour and chairman of VANGUARD Saudi Arabia, Fahad bin Mohammed Abunayyan.

The main objective behind the launch of the Tafaniprogram is to assess the major companies operating in Saudi Arabia in terms of their quality of customer service. This will be done through a series of internal and external assessments. The internal assessments will be aimed at understanding each company’s internal standards and regulations adopted by the companies in order to achieve customer satisfaction, while external assessments will be aimed at understanding the level of customer satisfaction among the company’s customers, conducted through a series of questionnaires. The research and assessment criteria of this project are based on the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model.

For more information on the Tafani program please refer to

October 19 | 2014
Launch of Beaucraft Saudi

Beaucraft Bahrain, as part of its expansion plans and in light of the attractive market conditions in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, launched a second branch in Saudi Arabia on October 19, 2014.

Due to the high tourism expenditures in Saudi Arabia as well as the high demand for marine- and lifestyle-oriented tourism, Beaucraft decided to establish a subsidiary to operate out of Saudi Arabia that performs all of its turnkey services.

These services include marina management; marina design and installation; resort design; consultancy on resort design and improvements; water sports rental; and extreme sports rental and training.

For more information please visit or contact the Saudi office on +966 3 896 6633.

Palm Beach Resort

Beaucraft Saudi Arabia is pleased to announce that it has been contracted by Palm Beach Resort to upgrade and manage Palm Beach Resort’s marina and to provide water sports.

The water sports provided include fly boarding, jet packs, jet-ski rentals, and parasailing. Meanwhile the marinas managed by Beaucraft Saudi Arabia contain 63 berths, each of which is between 6-20 meters long with an average size of 10-12 meters. Fuel system and 24 hour assistance are also available.

January | 2014
Bahraini Farmers Support Programme

The Bahraini Farmers Support Programme aimed at increasing and raising the efficiency of Bahraini farmers’ agricultural or livestock production by providing them state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The financial support value reached up to BD7,000, and the programme was available to all Bahraini nationals holding an active agricultural license or an active CR, pending approval from the Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture.

VANGUARD provided Tamkeen with a comprehensive impact assessment of the Programme through comprehensive primary and secondary market research and in-depth interviews with the beneficiaries, in order to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the Programme and provide recommendations regarding the continuation of the Programme.

April | 2014
Microfinance Support Scheme

The Microfinance Support Scheme was directed to individuals and micro-enterprises. Tamkeen, in partnership with Family Bank, provided these beneficiaries with affordable Sharia-compliant financing to secure and sustain their existing business projects as well as to promote growth. The targeted beneficiaries received subsidies ranging from BD500 to BD7,000, as well as valuable mentoring and advisory services.

VANGUARD conducted a comprehensive impact assessment of the Microfinance Support Scheme through tailored interviews to the beneficiaries of the Scheme as well as through secondary market research and analysis. VANGUARD was then able to outline the weaknesses and strengths of the Scheme, as well as craft suitable recommendations to Tamkeen based on its ultimate findings.