Our Services

VANGUARD provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of advisory services, in order to achieve each client’s specific requirements and objectives. The following diagram illustrates VANGUARD’s services:


Strategic Advisory

VANGUARD’s strategic advisory services help organizations navigate the road ahead by recognizing opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies, implementing action and measuring results. Service areas of focus include:

  • Business & Feasibility Planning
  • Corporate Regeneration
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Corporate Support


Venture Advisory & Research

VANGUARD’s venture advisory services help in developing and designing customized solutions to various new business projects and schemes. It combines hands-on management with special expertise,tailored to each engagement.Working in partnership with each client to define objectives, the department draws from a deep line-up of key alliances and renowned subject experts to achieve documented results. In doing so, the department utilizes the proprietary Be-Spoke “Value360™” process divided into the four stages:

  • Value Assessment
  • Value Architecting
  • Value Development
  • Value Management


Family Business Governance

Family Business Governance (“FBG”) provides holistic advisory services to family corporations in the Gulf region. The new services are aimed at assisting family businesses with planning, structuring and governing their corporate structures in an institutional manner to en-sure the achievement of their objectives and visions while assuring the continuity of both their business and family legacies for generations to come.



VANGUARD’s Clinical Mentor-ship Support (CMS)

VANGUARD has revolutionized the SME support market through the Clinical Mentorship Support service, wherein SMEs from innumerable business backgrounds and sectors are presented withthe opportunity of enlisting the mentorship of empathetic seasoned business
people (with a proven track record and a thorough grasp of the local market) to provide them with a medical consultation-style mentorship advice and support particularly during early critical phases of their business cycle.