Message from The Founder & Chairman of Vanguard

At VANGUARD innovative thinking is not a necessity, it is a prerequisite. VANGUARD is a venture capital advisory boutique established in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs and business innovators as they charge into the constantly evolving real economies of today. Since our success is consequential on the success of our clients and ventures, we at VANGUARD do not see ourselves as merely business consultants, rather we are your business partners.

Armed with our propriety methodologies of “REVOCON™” and “Value 360™”, we architect value by merging visions, strategic thinking, intellectual properties and structured methodologies into integrated real opportunities that our clients can take advantage of. Moreover, our multitude of customized strategic advisory service are not only geared to present solutions that temporarily fix existing problems rather they are crafted to provide a framework for strategic growth that will continue to support our clients as they work to accomplish their desired strategic objectives.

Our commitment to excellence and ethical practices are at the heart of everything that we do. As such, rest assured that your interests will always be our priority.

Looking forwarded to work with you to achieve your inspired visions and strategic objectives.


With the kindest of regards,

Hazem M. Janahi,

Managing Director