In November 2007, VANGUARD recognized an opportunity in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s emerging motor industry for the establishment of a Component Based Car Assembly (CBCA) business. The Kingdom of Bahrain has invested in developing a multimillion dollar modern State-of-the-Art Race Track facility which was successful since its inauguration in 2004 in hosting the world’s most renowned racing events such as the well-known Formula One Grand Prix. The Economic Development Board of Bahrain (EDB) along with the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) have shouldered investing in a modern urban plan capable of domiciling various motor-related businesses such as car manufacturers, racing organizers, spare parts manufacturer, etc. Aiming to capitalize on this opportunity, VANGUARD applied its proprietary “Value 360™” methodology and developed Vmotion with the vision to grow the venture to become a well-respected global boutique assembler of sports car. To achieve this vision, VANGUARD undertook an extensive proto-type study to analyze the entire CBCA value chain and has completed its proto-type vehicle in October 2008. To support the long-term objectives of the project, VANGUARD has successfully formalized strategic relationships with key United States based industry leaders such as Ford Racing, Factory Five Racing and The Engine Factory. Working closely with the EDB, BIC, Labor Fund and other relevant stakeholders, VANGUARD is well on its way to launching Vmotion, which is scheduled to be in the fourth quarter of 2009.