About Us

Vanguard W.L.L. (“VANGUARD”) is an innovative business advisory boutique. Incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with offices in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the firm positions itself as an advisory boutique specializing in providing professional advice to start-up, emerging, growing and stagnant businesses. The firm assists its clients in realizing their aspirations and visionary business concepts into attractive business opportunities to interested venture capitalists, private equity investors and other institutional investors.

VANGUARD delivers value to its clients through an innovative Bespoke Development Methodology, as past knowledge and experiences are utilized to develop new processes and techniques that deliver the services required. In this bespoke process, the firm deliverables are created without the absolute reliance on pre-existing industry patterns thus differentiating them from standardized industry products. To deliver value, the firm utilizes both its Internal Resources; of well qualified business professionals, as well as External Professional Advisors; through an array of exceptional and vastly experienced business consultants.