Our Team

Hazem M. Janahi

Founder & Chairman of Vanguard Bahrain

Mr. Janahi founded Vanguard as a Private Equity and Venture Capital Advisory Boutique and commands vast experience of over 15 years in investment structuring, private equity, business strategy, and venture capital. He possesses well-rounded and extensive managerial experiences in various aspects of investment modeling, business strategy, expansion finance and institutional regeneration which he cultivated through his strategic involvements in various venture capital projects and other investments spanning a multitude of economic sectors.

Currently, Mr. Janahi serves as a board member of Gulf Air. In addition, he serves at the board and executive levels of several ventures in industries such as financial services, automotive, urban development and manufacturing. Previously, Mr. Janahi has worked at Ernst & Young (Bahrain) in the Assurance Advisory Group and Islamic Financial Services Group, served as the Managing Director of ReeMoon Consulting W.L.L., the Chief Operating Officer at AAJ Holdings Company B.S.C. (C) and co-founded Rizon Jet B.S.C. (C) and served as an Executive Board Member. Mr. Janahi holds a bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Bahrain.

Fahad M. Abunayyan

Partner & Chairman of Vanguard Saudi Arabia
fahad.abunayyan@vanguard .sa

Mr. Fahad M. Abunayyan is a founding member of VANGUARD, Saudi Arabia and is exception¬ally knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of contracting and water resources engineer¬ing, real estate development and private investment. Furthermore, Mr. Abunayyan is a pioneer in the field of Polo and Golf Club Resort and landscape management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Previously, Mr. Abunayyan held a number of leadership managerial positions and his network of contacts within government institutions and the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enabled him to promptly resolve any business complexities and challenges through innovative solutions. An extraordinary business persona and an innovator in his own right, Mr. Abunnayan stems from a Saudi Arabian business family that pioneered and led wa¬ter resources exploration, development and management in the Kingdom since the 1950s. As such, along with his business acumen, Mr. Abunayyan has the invaluable capability of network¬ing and bringing various business parties together. Currently, Mr. Abunaayan serves as a Board Member and General Manager of a number of companies: Abunayyan Drilling Co., Abunayyan Maintenance & Operation Co., Saudi Meter Co. and Aynoon Raat Art Group. Mr. Abunayyan also serves as a Board Member and Deputy General Manager of Ibrahim Abunayyan Sons Group, Abunayyan Agriculture Development Co., Deputy General Manager of Dirab Golf Club and Managing Director of Dirab Polo Club Resort. Finally, Mr. Abunayyan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in International Business from Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A.

Naidu J. Pemmasani, ACA, AICWA

Director – Financial Affairs at Vanguard Bahrain
naidu.pemmasani@vanguard .bh

Mr. Naidu has comprehensive and insightful experiences gained over 24 years of professional experience in the financial audits of various companies in the Banking and Insurance sectors in both India and the Middle East. He commands well-formed and widespread managerial experiences in conducting and carrying out audits, formulating financial strategies and plans, and developing financial feasibility studies that enabled many of his clients to achieve their visions and targeted objectives. Mr. Naidu provides insights with respect to the entire gamut of Financial Management including financial resource mobilization, equity issues, optimum utilization of funds, financial budgets formulation and budgetary controls. His experience also expands to such areas as designing internal control systems, compliance systems, as well as a broad understanding of Commercial Companies Law and Corporate Governance frameworks. Prior to joining us he held several senior executive financial and managerial positions including posts as a Senior Chartered Accountant, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant for Inves¬tor Services. His career saw him becoming a leading member of a number of highly reputable organizations such as M/S Nabeel Al Saie – Public Accountants in Audit. Mr. Naidu is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.

Ali J. Soltani

Manager – Corporate & Venture Support
ali.soltani@vanguard .bh

Ali Soltani possesses outstanding research, analytical, and communication skills and demon¬strates professionalism through high quality deliverables. Mr. Soltani displays a strong under¬standing of entrepreneurship and marketing. He graduated from New York Institute of Tech¬nology with Bachelors of Science in Marketing Concentration. During his time working for Vanguard, he was able to utilize his comprehensive marketing abilities while participating in undertaking a number of successful projects. He is currently in charge of managing Vanguard’s operational matters and mainly guiding the establishment of new businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain. His previous work experience includes being positioned as a Business Researcher at AAJ Holdings, wherein he performed financial research, analyzed research results and pre¬pared presentations.

Panduranga Rao

Financial Analyst
pandu.ranga@vanguard .bh

Mr. Panduranga Rao is a Financial Analyst in VANGUARD Bahrain, mainly responsible for financial operations, strategy, planning and reporting. He is also in charge of designing Financial Models to forecast financial growth, formulating feasibility studies, and defining optimum capital raising scenarios. Prior to joining VANGUARD, Mr. Rao worked as Analyst with WNS Knowledge Services where he conducted due diligence and assessed market potential for investment opportunities. He was also assigned as an Internal Auditor at Hindustan Unilever Ltd (India) where he was responsible for planning the audit, executing audit plans, reviewing internal controls over business cycles and performing test of internal control. Mr. Rao holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce from Berhampur University and has completed his Chartered Accountant Exam (Intermediate) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.